Editorial: Grassroots without certificate – Alhaji Gomez

Election year draws nearer and nearer, Volunteer groups have patiently waited for far too long and grassroot members can not hold their breath any longer.

The leadership of the party should do something about job opportunities that requires Degree, HNDs and other Certificates.

During 2016 campaign the grassroots that toiled were not requested to bring their certificates before joining the campaign trips. But they are now supposed to bring same when they are being offered job opportunities.

We also have simple jobs in the system that a lot of grassroots with JHS and SHS certificates can do but these opportunities are restricted to only graduates.

Some of these jobs needs simple training and refresher courses and the applicants are perfect to go.

NDC will always employed non Graduates and give them better jobs to do to further their education. Can our party do same?

We have strong and engertic youths in this our party, who worked very hard to bring this party to power, because they don’t have HNDs, Degree and Masters Certificate they are in the house struggling to find ends meat.

The Scholarship opportunities are accessible to the CEOs and MP’s alone.

Continuing their education and employment are all problems of some the grassroots now, how do convince such a party member to join the campaign train come 2020. Hell no!.

To regain the sacrifices, commitment and dedication of the grassroots is 2016 then let’s employ our youths.

Some are ready to work as cleaners, mechanics and etc…at institutions, authorities and agencies. Our people are not calling for white collar jobs or huge salary jobs but what will at least keep them engaged and put food on theirs family tables.

…Alhaji Gomez…
Convener/PRO Inspired Patriots

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