Electoral commission announces opening of window for voter transfer

The Electoral Commission (EC) has announced the opening of voter transfer window on the voter management solution (VMS).

The VMS is the central data management system which depurates legacy databases to deliver an accurate voter database

The voter transfer started on February 11, and it is expected to end on March 8, 2019, according to an EC memo sighted by DGN Online.

According to the memo issued by the Deputy Commissioner of the EC, Samuel Tetteh, the transfer is for applicants contesting for political parties primaries.

Interested applicants, the memo revealed, dated February 8, 2019, are expected to apply to the district electoral officers.

It instructed district electoral officers to ensure that applicants meet the requirements in relation to the transfer of votes as follows: must be a registered voter, must have registered in a district other than the one in which he/she currently resides, must provide physical proof of residence.

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