John Mahama loves his ambition than Ghana – Nana Kwame Ofori

Our forefathers advised us to lose everything but we have to protect and maintain the state – Ghana.
Ex President Mahama’s quest to become president again has rendered him betraying Ghana to foreign nationals.
This act is a threat to national security.

Has this ever happened in any country before? Absolutely NOT!
Where on earth will a former president organize foreign nationals to demonstrate to them the porosity and lapses in our security system.

John Mahama being ex President should know better that this act is treacherous to the survival and the sustainability of Ghana’s sovereignty and supremacy.

Is he being a hypocrite or over ambitious?
In as much as we condemn the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election incidence, we must also ask whether Mahama has the credibility to cry over electoral violence.
Was he (Mahama) not the President when Amanfi West and Talensi by-elections we held in Ghana?
Didn’t we witness the worst of what he is crying about?

God bless our homeland Ghana and protect it from the hands of selfish beings.

Nana Kwame Ofori
Atiwa Writer


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