Breaking News: Wahala mounts Ashanti NDC over upcoming presidential election

The zips of some of the bags containing the ballots had already been ripped off on arrival at the regional offices. The executives of the NDC party are not allowing for seals to protect the integrity of the election in some regions I’ve mentioned later down there. The ballot papers are exposed and compromised.

Meanwhile the bags upon leaving the national office had seals on them. To be specific, Central, Volta, Ashanti, and Eastern regions had these issues. I will update u all on the election malpractices supervised by our great Party for a candidate of their choice.

In the pictures below

One is the bag that was sealed with our seals at the national office, the other bag is the pic of an already broken seal upon arrival.

In Central region, the zips of the bags have already been ripped off upon arrival from Greater Accra, and the ballot papers removed from the envelopes. So far, Greater Accra is doing well, all seals are intact. I will report just as we see them.

Why the seals if you know will break them??

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