Editorial: The communication Officer/Director dichotomy in NDC is just on big joke – P.K Sarpong

Several factors are being theorized in a desperate attempt to obfuscate the real reason behind the appointment of a communications director.

Without mincing words, the top echelons of the NDC have come to appreciate the fact that Sammy Gyamfi’s slothfulness is dimming the image of the party.

The appointment of Kakra Essamuah is just for a rescue mission. The party’s Communications Officer is infantile in his arguments. He is shallow and does not have what it takes to convince even members of the NDC, let alone the general public.

They voted for a loudmouthed acidic tongued person to headline their communications. Having realized that his immaturity is hampering the party’s agenda, they have come up with this duplication of a position to save the sinking ship.

Sammy Gyamfi is a monumental flop and, therefore, the party has fallen on the expertise of Kakra Essamuah to change the course of events. Communications Officer/Communications Director, the redefinition of an office in crisis!



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