Ghana and Politics: What some key NDC members said about Mahama a while ago

It is very necessary to remind Ghanaians of what NDC members said about John Mahama ahead of their primaries last Saturday.

• “If we bring Mahama back it will be difficult for us. We will do our best but it is going to be very hard. I am telling NDC rank and file, let us change him. Let us have a new leader; let us have a new flag bearer so that we will be able to win 2020, we should forget 2020 with Mahama as our leader “- (Namoale to Mahama)

• Second term for Mahama will be a disaster, let’s remind Mahama that the presidency is not sex for him to demand a second round as flagbearer –(Atubiga to Mahama)

• The presidency is not a place where you go and make mistakes, come back and ask to be given another chance to amend your mistakes. I think that, you must be ready and prepared to get to the seat of the presidency, and when you are there, there should be minimum errors but if you go there and commit errors and just come back to the public and say that, I made mistakes, I am now coming back to correct my wrongs, it simply means you were not prepared then and even now Mahama is not prepared- (Sylvester Mensah to Mahama)

• The NDC needs a more credible leader to grab power from the NPP, with the election of a new face the NDC would show that the party has ‘competent men’ to rule when it wins power in 2020- (Spio Garbrah to Mahama)

• “What did we not see in 2016, wherever Mahama went to campaign? The electorate poured out to clamour for him as others poured thousands of praises on him. The man they so much praised, eventually, handed us a bitter defeat ever since 1992, he can’t bring us victory in 2020”- Bagbin to Mahama.

Indeed, politics is a dirty game


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