Editorial: Ghana and Politics PT 2, Things fall apart; the center cannot hold

There has been some tapes going round on social media and other media platforms which allegedly has the voices of Mr Ofosu Ampofo, NDC National Chairman, and Alfred Ogbame, communication strategist if the NDC.

The said tapes were said yo be obtain from a meeting by the NDC communication team which was addressed by their National chairman.

The national Chairman in the said tape made statements which dent and put the security of the Ghanaian people to fear. It was a plan to creating fear and panic in the country to create an impression of insecurity to score political points in 2020 general election.

Key member of the NDC who are party communicators have expressed concerns and comments in the said tape but consistently inconsistent and contradict each other.

“The NDC states for the records that the statements and attributions contained on the said tape are concocted and false. They are inconsistent with the character and track record of Chairman Ofosu Ampofo and do not reflect the values he has always stood for.” ~Sammy Gyamfi ,National Communication Officer of NDC
“We the party [NDC communication] members are very happy of what our Chairman said and we will do exactly that. What he said is dear to our hearts that is why we clapped for him during the meeting which was recorded and leaked.” ~ Kwaku Boahen, Deputy National Communication Officer of NDC
“After listening to the tape, I realised that charlie let’s play politics, and that is pure politics, it’s not about his character . . . sometimes we need to defend him because it’s politics, it’s absolutely politics,” ~ Bernard Allotey Jacobs ,Social Commentator and former Central Regional Chairman of NDC
“The NPP has devised ways to BUG us. So, they have cut the voices and pieced them together to favor what they want to achieve. It’s true that there is a tape hovering in the air but the utterances are pure fabrication to achieve a goal…They have doctored it because they want to achieve something.” ~ Chief Binney , Deputy National Organiser of the NDC

Whilst others are saying the tape had been doctored, people are saying, perhaps there’s an original tape somewhere so they should come out with it to buttress their claim.

Meanwhile, the CID of the Ghana Police Service yesterday, 27th February 2019 issued a statement inviting Mr. Ofosu Ampofo to help the police with an investigation into the matter.

This morning, an Unconfirmed report reaching us indicates that the National Chairman of the NDC, Mr. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, has been arrested by personnel of the Ghana Immigration Service and Ghana Police Service stationed at the Kotoka International Airport.

Mr. Ampofo was allegedly traveling to Monrovia via an Air Peace flight APK 7565.

Update on that will be published in case is it confirmed


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