Editorial: A letter to Manasseh Azure Awuni – P.K Sarpong

Dear Manasseh,

Curiosity kept me glued to my television hoping against the improbable hope that something of a volcanic storm was in the air.

With bated breath, I waited for the so-called tsunami sort of your highly troubling video on a militia group in the heart of the city to be telecasted.

To the extent that I had to keep my ears famished by staying away from Boiling Point in order to feed my eyes with what you claimed to have in stock for us, it tells you that I was indeed waiting to see with my nicked eyes what you had uncovered.

My disappointment knew no bounds when I was watching the video. At a point in time, it flitted to me that I had missed the show by watching a television station other than JoyNews TV.

Mr. Azure Awuni, you called this group of party men and women interacting with themselves as a militia group? Your conception of a militia group is narrow, kindly upgrade it.

You have succeeded in tragically wasting valuable or precious hours of well meaning Ghanaians who took time off their busy schedules to feast their eyes on a video not fit for purpose.

A militia group with no weapons, not even improvised ones, and this, we are being coerced into swallowing as a militia group?

A militia group with a base in the heart of the city of Accra? So they train at the Castle? What sort of Kweku Anansi story is this?

Where did you film them training for some nefarious activities? This is enigmatically puzzling, putting it mildly.

I am inclined to think that you are making a mountain out of a molehill. You want to substitute Mt. Afadjato for Mt. Everest.

Let me tell you this, this so-called investigative piece is a rehash of videos which have been in the system for over one year now. Even TV3 and UTV had these items in their possessions as far back as last year.

Dear Manasseh Azure, this overhyped video has pigged many people off. It was empty in terms of substance.

Your militia in the heart of the city video is dead on arrival. If you pinned your hopes on making the news riding on this empty-bellied 20-minute video, I am sorry that you have hit the brick wall.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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