NDC’s Dela Coffie reacts to Manasseh’s documentary video in a short write-up

aobrempongnana.wordpress.com has sited a little piece purported to be from the camp of NDC’s Dela Coffie, which is allegedly stating his take in the video documentary by Multimedia Group Limited Journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni which was shown on joy TV yesterday, March 8, 2018 around 8:30pm.

The alleged piece seem to criticise the work of the journalist in a different way altogether.

Below is the said statement:

Vigilante/Militia group?

Who recruit boys and girls in skirts and shirts and oversize coat as vigilante/militia? And which vigilante/Militia operates from government house?

Clearly the “spectacle” of Manasseh’s work didn’t move the needle about what we know on political vigilantism, or?

Shaking my damned head in utter disbelief…..

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