“There isn’t a single militia in Ghana, reject the false alarm” – Security Analyst, Irbad Ibrahim

What serious nation at all in the world will make it its stock in trade to paint itself black to the world week in, week out?

Are we serious at all? Why call these innocent. benign and harmless young men and women looking for job opportunities a militia? These basic drills don’t even qualify them to be a cadet corps, not to talk of a militia!

Do you know what militias do? Go to Iraq, Libya, Northern Mali etc to see how militias decapitate, use VBIEDs and suicide bombers to cause mass casualties. Why do this disservice to this great nation by giving its youth such an inordinate, exaggerated and inaccurate tag?

As we continue to unpatriotically paint this nation black, let’s take into cognizance the toll this will have on foreign direct investment and our reputation in the international community.

Ghana is at complete peace. Reject the false alarm and go about your routine daily activities in one of the most peaceful, stable and secure countries in the world!

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