[Video] A Policeman beaten by driver and mate at Weija and this is what actually happened

On Thursday, 14th March 2019 at Weija, this driver stopped in the middle of road to wait for some passengers who were at the other side of the road. His actions caused a heavy traffic on the road and in the process, a motor bike ran into the rear of a private car. The police officer went there to help the situation.

In the process the driver nearly hit him with the vehicle and sped off. He (the policeman) took an Okada to follow and crossed them.

He then requested that the driver turns for them to go to the station and that resulted on attack on him by the driver and his mate.

After the confrontations, he sat in the vehicle and radioed-control for assistance. The driver and his mate abandoned the vehicle and went away. They managed to tow the vehicle to Odorkor police station.

On Friday, 15th March 2019, one WO came to the station to tell that the vehicle belongs to him but the district commander told him to go and come later

From the horse’s own mouth

Watch the video below:


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