Charles Addo Dokyi, the central cohesive source of stability and security for Youth in modern day politics

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He’s the one that gets people to do the greatest things.” –President Ronald Reagan

Charles Addo Dokyi (CAD) is a young politician who has over the years shown signs of a martyr, willing to sacrifice his all for the New Patriotic Party especially the youth.
His track record as vice president and later president of TESCON(STU) is an obvious paradigm of a leader worth leading the youth of our dear Bono East region.

His tenure as president of TESCON(STU) saw active involvement of all members in 2016 in the quest of unseating the NDC government by organizing members on outreach programs in that persuit.

Charles Addo Dokyi has always served as the beacon of hope to the youth especially TESCON members in the region by assisting them whenever he’s called upon for succor.

Charles has promised to make politics in the Bono East region alluring for the youth by bringing them up to speed on every decision made.

Charles Addo Dokyi(CAD) is famous for his lucid personality and his fighting spirit against corruption and marginalization.

Let’s come together and make his dream of empowering the youth in Bono East see the light of day by supporting him in prayer for he’ll never let us down.




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