Editorial: Ato-Forson should stop disturbing out ears with his emptiness – PK Sarpong

The NDC, led by Ato-Forson, has resurged its propaganda-laden scheme to downgrade the upward trend being witnessed in the cedi’s battle against the US dollar.

In their press conference, Ato-Forson intimated that wrong policy choices of the Akufo-Addo administration is largely to blame for the woes the currency is passing through.

In his assessment, but for the wrong policy direction of the NPP administration, Ghana’s currency would not suffer damnation as seen lately.

Ato-Forson, clearly, had been removed from civilization for the past few days, hence his belief that the US dollar is still appreciating in its war with the cedi.

What I am struggling to conceptualize is the fact that Ato-Forson’s party was bequeathed GH₵1.12 to a dollar and with their right policy choices the GH₵1.12 could not be maintained or even make a retreat but travelled as far as GH₵4.3.

These NDC gurus think they are God’s gifts to Ghana and that without them everything would come to a jarring standstill.

They were given eight years to display their worth but ended up sending this economy into the doldrums. They have no moral justification to elect themselves as authorities on economic management. They are empty barrels making cacophonous noises.

P.K. Sarpong


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