Editorial: The Secret behind the “Pragya” Tricycle business in Ghana and what the law says

Some Cities and Towns in Ghana have accepted the usage of a tricycles popularly known as ‘Pragia’ and ‘Aboboyaa’ for commercial purposes.

The ‘Pragia’ is used as a 3 or 6 seater transport with the exclusion of the rider to conveying passengers to their various destinations because of its “affordability and comfort”.

And the ‘Aboboyaa’ Tricycle is also noted for conveying goods and services for people all over the country.

Can the ‘Pragia’ be used for commercial purposes?

Many individuals in cities and Towns, like Tamale, Kumasi, Wa, Bolga- Tanga, Kintampo, Techiman where it is mostly used are ignorant that the use of ‘Pragia’ for commercial activities is illegal and one could be imprisoned or fined hugely when arrested and prosecuted for using Pragia commercially.

“You the police know that the Commercial use of ‘Pragia’ is illegal, why have you allowed them?” Mr. Boamah Sofoline GPRTU Chairman has queried.

Though many people on board the ‘Pragia’ because of how faster it could take them to their homes, the consequences behind it is vastly enormous.

The Pragia is registered for personal use just like the normal bicycle so once it involves in an accident and you survive it, there is no insurance coverage for you and the owner can decide not to care for your hospital bills if you incurred any injuries. But if you survived without any serous injuries then Thank your G-O-D.

The Laws ( Road Traffic Regulations, 2012)

The L.I. 2180, Section 128 stipulates:
“Prohibition of use of motorcycle or tricycle for commercial purpose.

(1) The Licensing Authority shall not Register a motorcycle or a tricycle to carry a fare paying passenger.

(2) A person shall not use or permit a motorcycle or a tricycle over which that person exercise control to be used for commercial purposes except for courier and delivery services.

(3) A person shall not ride on a motorcycle or a tricycle as a fare paying passenger.

(4) A person who contravenes sub regulations (1),(2) or (3) commits an offence and is liable on summary convictions to a fine of not more than twenty-five penalty units or to a term of imprisonment of not less more than thirty days or to both”.

For more education call on 0244290846(Mr.Boamah Sofoline GPRTU Chairman)

Source: Todayinformer.com/Joseph Marfo

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