Anas’ purposive joint video against Kwesi Nyantakyi is so weak, and lacks logical potence for persecution – Barrister Danny

Anas is a lawyer but he is never the ‘law’. Anas is a journalist but he does his work for money, blackmail and brings down people with integrity. Anas is a Ghanaian but he does not have Ghana at heart. His ultimate goal is to make money through blackmailing and deceits. The biggest problem of all, is the fact that the society has made him demigod, and so it is perceived that whatever he brings out is the factual state of the matter. He has therefore, taken undue advantage, and bullying people to make money.

Factually, I take my inspirations from the video showed by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong entitled; “Who watches the watchman” where Anas Aremeyaw Anas and the late Ahmed Suale were seriously negotiating for money from one particular medical Doctor who was caught having sex with pregnant women and people’s wives who needed abortion. Anas Aremeyaw Anas trapped this Doctor, he caught him, and demanded $150,000 before he drops the video. After the video was shown by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his people quickly came out to deny the video that, he was never the one in the video, neither was Ahmed Suale seen in the video negotiating with the medical Doctor for money. Fast forward, Ahmed Suale died untimely, and Anas who denied Suale in the video showed by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong made a sharp turn to say that Hon. Kennedy Agyapong showed Suale’s video, and that’s why he was seen and killed.

Now, this is the person claiming to be the Angel on earth. This is the person who claims to have caught KWESI NYANTAKYI in a video, and now charging the State’s Attorney to prosecute the former GFA President. How do I trust that video since MR. KWESI NYANTAKYI has come out to say that Anas repressively demanded same $150,000 from him in order to drop his video.

In this instance it is now clear without mincing words, that, Anas Aremeyaw Anas is never a genuine undercover Journalist, as such, the state must insist, and force him to produce “RAW UNEDITED VIDEO FOOTAGE” against all persons he claims to have engaged in any fore of scandalous acts.

I am not in anyway supporting anyone caught in his video, but I am vehemently against his principles of trapping those he claims to be corrupt, because he (ANAS) is very corrupt than the word “CORRUPTION”, and so it will be appropriate to request for Raw unedited video footage of all that he has brought out for public prosecution.

Either way, we will end up prosecuting apprentices whilst the Chief employer walks away from the same crime.

Thank You


OBENG DANIEL (Barrister)


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