Editorial: The loss of Ghanaian Culture and Identity to a screen – Daniel Obeng, Akyem Abuakwa Writer

Culture has been defined primarily defined as the way a group of people live. These include their social, political,religious organisation. These systems identify and define the fabric of that society. Culture again, can be viewed as the social behavior and norms found in human.

McKenzie(1958) postulates that “Culture is ordinary and every human society expresses its own meaning in arts and learning”.
Over the years the fabric of Ghanaian culture has lost its value to an electronic static machine Known as the television.

The proliferation of TV stations has had a negative impact on the Ghanaian culture..

Culture is expressed in the arts which Includes the film Industry.

The Ghanaian TV screen is predominantly foreign with varied soap Operas with titles such as Marie Cruz, Till death do us part , Amaya, Born into temptation and the recent Indian Revolution of Kunkum Bhagya, Gundali, Guchrang etc.

The continuous attention given to these foreign elements have relegated Ghanaian Arts And content to the background. We live in a global village where culture is seen to be dynamic but the change should not deviate from the status quo.

Watching a typical Akan Movie and the next heir apparent to a throne was the son of a king, ridiculous! this is against Akan custom and all these have been made possible because of the over concentration On foreign movies.

I am by this pleading with the powers that be to make sure Ghanaian TV screens get Ghanaian content which enhances Ghanaian Unity and promotes Ghanaian culture. Gradually they have changed the Indian language into twi.

We should be careful because in some years to come the Indian language will be studied as a core subject in Ghanaian schools.

Daniel Obeng
Akyem Abuakwa Writer.

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