Editorial: The system of our Education, Mathematically Incorrect – Daniel Obeng, Akyem Abuakwa writer

Education is a systematic process through which a child or an adult acquires knowledge,experience, skill and sound attitude. It makes an individual civilized, refined, cultured and better fit for societal cohesion.(John Parankimalil,2012)

With the advent of Portuguese exploration in January 1471 in a then independent states of a geographical area already discovered, followed by a host of other European nationals changed the social, economic and political fabric of a people Geographically described as “The Gold Coast”.

A lasting effect of European presence led to the introduction of western education with the proliferation of basic schools, secondary, training colleges and Universities.

Education, overtime has become a panacea for solving world’s evils.

Again, Education has become a top priority of either a developed, developing or underdeveloped countries. A growing phenomenon which is hampering Ghanaian school leavers into tertiary institutions is the Almighty scare crow of mathematics.

The West African Examination Council grades D7 as a pass yet students with better grades in other relevant subjects and a D7 in Mathematics are denied entry into Ghanaian universities and tertiary institutions.

The interesting aspect is that some students will never use mathematical computations ever in their course of study except counting their personal money..

I am by this pleading with the Policy makers to reconsider this of making a D7 in Mathematics eligible to access tertiary because a chunk of the country’s human resource have been denied opportunities because of a Pythagoras or a Venn diagram theory.

Daniel Obeng
(Akyem Abuakwa writer)


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