“I fear No Penis” – Leeyat GH

Leeyat GH the Akyem Tafo based artist and a filmmaker who examines the role of body politics, gender,and sexuality and how those topics are represented in fine act.

Her single track “Obia Ba Ny3 ” feels ,at leat aesthetically alighted with the highly stylised exploration of ambiguities in lyrics has described all men the same and fear no penis on earth

According to leeyat when it comes to penis size, the myth persists that the bigger is the better but it’s totally untrue okay, orgasm might be trickier to pull off if your partner has a micropenis – defined as a penis that measures under 2.8 inches when erect

Sex is really about communication, confidence, adapting to circumstances and using what you and your partner have for consensual pleasure

Leeyat claimed she has undertaken an extraordinary and some would say deliberately provocative but she has justify to all size and fear no penis on earth.

She stresses that people have been easy to find her “it’s not been difficult to find me, its been amazingly easy I’ve had to turn people down so says leeyat”.

Source: Awal Mohammed, Nopras fm


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