Power outage not due to financial challenges – Energy Ministry

The Ministry of Energy has debunked reports that the country is currently facing interruptive power supply as a result of financials challenges in the power sector.
It also debunked reports that there has been shortage of fuel at the Tema oil refinery, hence the power outages being experienced in some parts of the country.

Speaking during a press tour in Accra on Thursday, Deputy Minister for Energy in charge of Power, Hon William Owuraku -Aidoo indicated that government has enough money to procure fuel to support the power generation plants.

According to Hon Owuraku, the reason for recent power cuts is the temporary planned shutdown of the Atuabo Gas Plant in the Western Region to allow for an interconnection project that would transfer gas to the Tema.

The planned shutdown, as indicated by the Minister is expected to last about 12 days after which regular power would be restored.

Deputy Minister in charge of Petroleum, Hon Mohammed Amin noted that in as much as government understands the plights of Ghanaians regarding the recent power cuts, the shutdown was inevitable as each day of a delayed shutdown costs the country four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000).

He assured Ghanaians the Ministry has put in measures to restore regular power .


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