An open letter to Mr Martin A.B.K Amidu: No cross no crown. Resign to save taxpayers’ money – Educate Ghana Summit Boss

The Chief Executive Officer, Educationist and motivational speaker of Educate Ghana Summit, Mr. Boadi William is hereby advising the Special Prosecutor, Mr. Martin Amidu to peacefully quit his current position and retake his previous voluntary job as citizen vigilante since the purpose of his office is non reactive. This decision will help save our taxes for development.

Mr. Boadi indicated that, after Mr. Martin A. B. K. Amidu’s appointment, he has never tried, to even loose a single corruption case. Meanwhile, his core mandate is to fight corruption in Ghana. All this while, he is on payroll. Mr. Prosecutor, I know you to be a strong citizen vigilante even when you were powerless. I was overwhelmed and trusted you to work diligently, the very day your appointment was announced. But it seems your right to speech has been taken away from you. You are just speechless all these while. May I know if there are some challenges inhibiting your efforts. Hard work, we all know, pays but unfortunately for you, Ghanaians haven’t seen you working but seeing you being paid with their tax paying money. “Before you control conditions, you must first control yourself”. This, we are not seeing in you.. On the other hand, if it is your office that is not ready for you to commence your duty, then I’m sorry, resign and assume office after completion.

Mr. Prosecutor, corruption is dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. Again, corruption is a dishonest action that destroys people’s trust. There have been corruption cases before, during and after your appointment but no action has been taken in the right direction. Mr. Prosecutor, with all due respect, kindly resign to save our tax money.

Furthermore, most schools in the rural areas sit on bare floor during lessons. Text books for pupils are not in adequate supply. Our taxes should have been used to solve those problems rather than you spending it extravagantly. You need not be told. For we need attitudinal change to transform Ghana now!

I am a citizen, not a spectator.


Mr. Boadi William CEO,
Educationist/Motivational speaker.


Office Of the Special Prosecutor.
Civil Society Organizations in Ghana.
Concern citizens of Ghana. we educate the nation.

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