Vigilantism: We are ready to disband our group – Delta Force Commander

Pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) vigilante group, Delta Force, has pledged to disband in support of government’s plans to end political vigilantism in the country.

Speaking on Accra-based Citi FM, the Ashanti regional chairman of Delta Force, Mr Kojo Bamba, said their support for disbandment had become necessary following the dilution of the groups’ importance due to the rise of similar groups.

“If everyone in the country is talking against vigilantism and the President also finds the need to disband it, then we support it. We created the group to defend our polling stations because usually when there is an election we hear of stories where people go and snatch ballot boxes in our strongholds. So we formed this group to prevent people from taking the ballot boxes and we won the 2016 elections,” Mr Bamba explained.

Mr Bamba added that other similar groups have, however, been created for the wrong reasons in the country which has now affected all other groups who are now seen as threats to national security.

“So if now, the State finds the need to disband it, we support it because previously, there were no such groups,” he added.

The Delta Force was believed to be responsible for an attack on the Tafo Pankrono Member of Parliament, Dr Anthony Akoto Osei, while he was holding a meeting with some constituency executives in the Ashanti region in 2018.



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