Circle Dubai; The Beautiful Slummy Edifice of The Incompetent One – P.K Sarpong

A chimpanzee can be enameled with the best of clothes imported from Italy but that would not in anyway change its true nature.

Dress up a goat in silk woven in India, bring Gucci shoes from Europe, perfume it with a fragrance made in Paris, the vicissitudes of time would whisk away these fine materials, leaving the goat standing naked.

The passage of time, very much often, exposes the bare facts to the world, and this analogy soundly describes the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange (Dubai).

John Mahama thought beautifying that rickety of an interchange with powerful lights which illuminate the entire edifice when darkness falls would take away the defects therein.

For political expediency, the project was rushed through its construction. No major drains were constructed to wheel away water during rainfalls.

The skies above let down their tears yesterday, and this, for many reasons, should come with good luck. Rains are heartily embraced especially when the weather we live with has proven to be unfriendly.

Just 30 minutes of rainfall last night and the most beautifully built edifice in the whole of West Africa, Circle Dubai, gets flooded simply because the government at the time decided to do a shoddy job when constructing the interchange.

Despite its huge size in terms of the cost of construction, Circle Dubai, the Paris during the night, the New York City when night falls, is but a slummy precipitous edifice which exudes pain to the many who live close to it.

Blame the old wine who wants to bottle himself in a new wineskin (John Dramani Mahama). He indeed, caused financial loss to Ghana!

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.

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