Concern Youth of Pai-Katanga calls on the Volta Regional House of Chiefs to confirm Nana Aponkoni Sekyere III as Chief of the Area

A self-acclaimed Chief called Diawuo Bediako has been touting himself as the Paramount chief of Pai-Katanga Traditional Area which he’s not, rather, it’s Nana Aponkoni Sekyere III. He is the one that the Elders, the kingmaker’s and we the Concern Youth Of Pai-Katanga traditional area know and recognize, who has also been and accepted as the Legitimate Chief of Pai-Katanga Traditional Area.

Due to some compensation that the government gives to the Traditional area, the self acclaimed Chief (Diawuo Bediako) has forged some documents to claim a whooping amount of over GH₵28billion from the government in the name of the Traditional Area as the Chief of the area.

The worst part of it all is that, after claiming the afore amount from the government, he resulted to molesting the Kingmakers and the legitimate chief of the area by arresting and detaining them in custody for about two months with the help from some paid police officers. He’s now become a tyrant on the people of Pai-Katanga and no one has the courage to even question him.

We know for a fact that he has some judges, lawyers and police officers by his side so he continues to throw his weight about.

He the self acclaimed Chief has summoned the Legitimate Chief before the Volta Regional House of Chiefs to seize him from being the substantive Chief.

Now that the case is before the house of chiefs, we are only calling on them for nothing but justice and declaration of Nana Aponkoni’s Chieftaincy

All what we’re calling for from the sitting of the Regional House of Chiefs which will take place on 23rd, 24th, and 25th of April 2019 is the declaration of Nana Aponkoni Sekyere III.

Apart from him, we don’t and won’t recognise anyone else as our Chief. And anybody apart from Nana Aponkoni emerges as the Chief, we resist his reign no matter what happens


Nana Osei Kofi (P.R.O)



Vice President of the republic

National House of Chiefs

Volta Regional House of Chiefs

All Media Houses


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