Petroleum contracts were abused under previous administration – Amewu

The Energy Ministry says non of the 13 Petroleum contracts signed between 2013 and 2016 for oil exploration was operationalized.

The Ministry says the said companies which were contracted by the former government to drill 14 wells spent only $95 million instead of the $890million they were supposed to have spent as stated in the contract.

Deputy Minister for Energy, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam said this at a press conference to respond to claims by Policy Think Tank IMANI Africa that Petroleum company, Aker Energy is engaged in illegal operations.

“The contracts that have led to discoveries in Ghana were the ones signed under J. A Kufour. Thirteen contracts were signed under our opponents, the highest contracts ever signed under any government in Ghana.”

He added that ” the 13 companies were supposed to drill 14 wells but as we speak to you not a single well has been drilled. And so when Aker Energy is drilling wells and someone is engaging in semantics, this is exploration wells, this is appraisal wells, drilling a well is not easy.”

Dr Amin Adam further said that government has decided to pursue aggressive exploration to increase the country’s oil reserves and production.

Meanwhile government has debunked assertions by IMANI Africa that Ghana will lose some 30 billion dollars if Petroleum Agreement between government and Aker Energy is not renegotiated.

At a press conference yesterday, IMANI said its checks had revealed that Aker Energy was exploring oil in wells not captured in the Petroleum Agreement it has with government describing the move as illegal.

It therefore asked the government to review the contract to ensure that Ghanaians receive what is due them.

However, Energy Minister john Peter Amewu said IMANI’s statements cannot be substantiated.

He said Ghana rather stands to benefit from the advanced technology AKER Energy is using for its operations.

On his part Chief Executive of the Petroleum Commission, Egbert Faibelle said his outfit has not approved the Plan of Development for AKER Energy as claimed by IMANI.



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