Boss fm honors newly elected General Secretary of CACI

The management of a Kumasi based radio station, Boss Fm(93.7Mhz) has presented a citation in honor of the immediate past resident Pastor of the Christ Apostolic Church International (Heavenly Gate Temple) at TUC, Apostle Samuel Amponsah Frimpong and his family.

To climax the event, Apostle Amponsah Frimpong and his wife were presented with a citation by the General Manageress of Boss Fm, Mrs Priscilla Owusu Asante in recognition of his great contributions to the society and the Church at large.

The immediate past resident Pastor of the Christ Apostolic Church International (Heavenly Gate Temple) at TUC in the Nhyiaeso constituency of the Ashanti Region.

Apostle Samuel Amponsah Frimpong has called on his congregants to love, honor and respect their elders as quoted in 1Thessalonians 5:12-13, as according to him, this is a precious commodity of trust in a healthy congregation like Christ Apostolic Church International (CACI).

He also asked them to remember their leaders, those who spoke the word of God and consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.

According to Apostle Amponsah Frimpong who has been elected to the high office of the General Secretary of the church, the CACI ought to spend time with their shepherds so they can watch, learn and emulate them.

Delivering his last speech at his send off service on Sunday 5th May, 2019 Apostle Amponsah Frimpong also touched on special role women play in the Church and why they must be respected especially the aged.

When the church began on the day of Pentecost, women as well as men came into it in great numbers and there were distinctions made in conditions of membership between sexes.

Furthermore, the importance of women to the church is reflected by the concern which the CACI had for women who needed care and help especially the aged.

The Church believes in the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; the father being the Supreme God, maker of heaven and earth, and the creator of all creatures. Therefore Christian teaching of the Trinity states that God exists eternally as three persons who, while distinct, are equally and fully God.

Apostle Samuel Amponsah Frimpong on behalf of his family took a moment and thanked the congregation and showed appreciation to the time they have dedicated to them.

Apostle Amponsah Frimpong was thankful to the Lord and the CACI for the honor done them and extended their heartfelt gratitude to all who came in their numbers to grace the occasion with their presence.

Apostle Samuel Amponsah Frimpong is now the General Secretary of the Christ Apostolic Church International after 6 years of dedicated and conscientious service to the Lord and the Church.


Apostle Samuel Amponsah-Frimpong was born into the Christ Apostle Church International on 9th April 1969 to Madam Esther Afia Frimpomaa and the late Nana Amponsah Gyan.

The boy Amponsah-Frimpong was dedicated the same year into the Church by the Apostle S.A Addo of blessed memory. In 1985, he was baptized by Rev. Rtd. J.K. Okrah in Dormaa-Ahenkro. He spent his childhood days in Dormaa-Ahenkro (his native town) and Sunyani where he had his pre-university education.

He started basic school at St. Anselm Anglican Primary School, Sunyani and completed the third term of his primary at Dormaa-Ahenkro. It was at Dormaa-Ahenkro where he completed Junior Secondary as well as Senior Secondary School education.

He obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree at the university of Ghana in 1996, and was called to the Bar in 1998 after successfully completing his Bar Examination at the Ghana School of Law.

Apostle Amponsah-Frimpong was spurred on to study Master of Law (LLM) in Human Right and Democratization in Africa at the University of Pretoria (South Africa) with an European Union Scholarship.

He also studied International Human Rights Law at Abo Akademi, trained International Humanitarian Law at the University of Leiden (the Netherlands).

Neither the charm of a successful career in law nor the Diplomatic Service was able to distract Apostle Amponsah-Frimpong from responding to the prophetic word upon his life.

While a baby, Apostle S. A. Addo prophesied of the call of God on his life and did caution themother that she should not allow any prominent secular profession to disengage her son from becoming a minister of God.

To help fulfill God’s call, Apostle S. A. Addo advised that the boy should stay with people of God. Consequently, the boy Amponsah-Frimpong was made to stay with Prophetess Margaret Anane and, later on, Apostle Owusu Ffie (all of blessed memory).

As he was growing up, several men and women of God continued to confirm the above prophecy. That explains why Apostle Amponsah-Frimpong abandoned his profession as a lawyer for the prize of the high calling.

Until his election as a General Secretary, Apostle Amponsah-Frimpong was the Area Head and Resident Pastor at TUC, Kumasi.

His leadership upbringing in the CAC started between 1990 and 1992 when he served as Choir Leader, Youth Secretary at and later on Local Financial Secretary at Dormaa Central Assembly.

He thereafter became one of the founders of CASA (University of Ghana) and became CASA President at Legon in 1996. He continued as Deacon at Osu.

Apostle Amponsah-Frimpong was appointed into the Ministry of Christ Apostolic Church on 1st October 1999 an was ordained on 1st April 2004. He has since served as Circuit Pastor at Ashaiman Central, Secretary at Effiakuma and Area Head Pastor at T.U.C.

His international missionary work has helped strengthen the Church in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and others in Norway and Israel.

He assisted in the formation of our Churches in Togo and South Africa. His landmark roles include membership in Secular Education, Reconciliation and Constitutional Review Committees.

Apostle Amponsah-Frimpong has so far founded 10 assemblies, namely Sackey and Sun City in Ashaiman Area; as well as Heman, Kwawoma, Behenease, Sawua and Gyaakye Pramso in T.U.C. Area.

His 30 building plots for the Church since he started his Ministerial Work.

Apostle Amponsah-Frimpong is noted for massive infrastructural developments at all duty stations whether they are chapels, schools, or building of a centenary tower.

In Baabianiha in Jaman South Area, our Apostle Amponsah-Frimpong singularly raised funds to construct a chapel.

Apostle Samuel Amponsah-Frimpong is married to his beautiful wife, Josephine. They are blessed with one daughter and three sons.

David, Jessica, Uzzi and Eliel. In his journey of faith, Apostle Amponsah-Frimpong took up his devout mother, Madam Esther Afia Frimpomaa, as a spiritual guide, prayer mate and mentor.

Her faith in God’s prophetic word over her son; her nature of faith and in the fear of God; and her godly counsel have all paid off bountifully.

Apostle Samuel Amponsah-Frimpong assumed the office of T.U.C Area Headship in October, 2013. God has helped me in my ministry when I took charge as the Area Head of T.U.C.

Source: Odiasempa Kwaku Mensah(Boss Fm)


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