Nkrumah’s “kankan nyame” is the cause of Ghana’s woes – Prophet Francis Kwarteng

A man of God who is best known for the propagation of the existence of heaven and the admonishment of Christians to live a sin-free life has made a shocking revelation which may call for the needed attention of the government.

Prophet Francis Kwarteng who is the General Overseer of the House of Power Ministries on Thursday revealed that the first president of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s actions some long years ago is causing the country a great harm.

According to the Prophet, the woes of the country can be attributed to the bringing in of a god called “kankan nyame” by Dr. Nkrumah so many years ago.

Prophet Kwarteng indicated, “Since the introduction of that god by Nkrumah, the god has never seized to be in charge of Ghana. And because of this, though Ghana can boast of lots of minerals like gold, timber, diamond, etc, the country will still struggle in terms of finances if leaders of the country do not do the needful in terms of Biblical directives”.

The revelation came during the Church’s one week program dubbed “Mpuntuo Mmere”. The Prophet said, that god spiritually has been fighting the country hence, the country’s predicaments. He indicated the country Ghana needs to pay a debt owed that god in order to be free from it otherwise; the country will continue to be under its watch and control.

The prophet said the revelation was revealed to him by God and that, it was imperative for the leaders of the country to be aware of the situation.

“If we don’t pay, the “kankan nyame” will take all our monies. If we don’t pay, Ghana will continue to suffer because the country needs to settle that god in order to be free from it” he averred.

Meanwhile, some attendees of the event have called on the present government under the leadership of President Nana Akuffo-Addo to heed to the call of the Prophet by seeing him and doing the needful for the betterment of the country and its populace.


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