EDITORIAL: A letter to Hannah Bissiw over lies of threats to her life – PK Sarpong

Dear Hannah Bissiw,

Your expertise in insolence is an open secret to the extent that whenever your name is mentioned, the refrain has always been ‘that insolent NDC woman?’

Little did we know that you have added comedy to the trait known to be part and parcel of your political career.

Insolence and comedy are poles apart since each of them dwells in a different world.

You spoke on Power FM and alleged that you have been receiving text messages threatening to ‘eliminate’ you on the flimsy reason that you hit this government extremely hard in the media.

You also indicated that you are not in a hurry to report these threats to the Police CID because the messages mentioned that the CID is in league with these evil-minded people plotting to kill you.

Madam, I can understand that since the NDC lost the 2016 elections, you have waned in terms of relevance and want to ride to the top again using this fairytale of a story.

You cannot regain the obnoxious fame which used to define you through such a schemed Kweku Ananse story.

I am inclined to believe that you are peddling falsehoods with these allegations. Nobody has your time. We don’t have to deal with you in such a crude manner.

A few weeks ago, you took to your heels when you met our own Jennifer Queen in the studios of Kasapa FM. She dealt with you intellectually, and you took to your heels. That’s how we would deal with you but not through any nefarious but criminal actions aimed at killing you.

You are not worth ‘eliminating’ because you don’t come to the table with anything potent enough to destabilize us.

You may see yourself as important within your party, but Madam, we in the NPP see you to be a weightless loudmouthed woman who wants to climb up the political ladder through insults.

Comedy doesn’t become you. In fact, it doesn’t even suit you! There is a wider gap between your insolent behaviour and comedy!

How can comedy and insolence be in a symbiotic relationship when they live in different environments?

Hannah, tell these incredulous stories to the marines. We are too discerning to be hoodwinked by this fable of yours.

The duck, though a bird, cannot soar in the skies above like the eagle. Your cock and bull story is dead on arrival. No wonder you chose to grant that interview to Mugabe Maase, after all, birds of a feather, they say, flock together.

P.K. Sarpong


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