The Ghanaian media has been misled by “Lovers” of Charlotte Osei

Stage in this political space as the melodrama has hit the rooftop and ought to be tamed lest political actors become laughing stocks in the eyes of the apolitical.

We cannot run away from the fact that the dismissal of Charlotte Osei was a blow that hypnotized members of the NDC to the core.

The passage of time after her dethronement appears to have failed to assuage their pains simply because she was seen to be sympathetic to their cause (not that I find it problematic since that fact could not help the NDC to stay in office).

Frantically, they have been searching for something worthwhile to jab members of the NPP on, and we woke up only to be told that Charlotte Osei has been elevated by the UN.

Web-portals have been awash with news about the former Chairperson of Ghana’s Electoral Commission to the effect that she has been appointed as the International Electoral Commissioner for Afghanistan as the war torn country seeks to get its leaders through the ballot.

The absurdity in this whole matter is that there’s nothing like an International Electoral Commissioner. The term or portfolio doesn’t exist anywhere in the world.

It only goes to show that this is a pure invention by the NDC to give Charlotte Osei some self-importance in the wake of her predicament.

What boggles the mind of many people is the way the media houses reported the news item. It is strange that none of them did any background checks to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of this so-called International Electoral Commissioner position having been conferred on Charlotte Osei.

If the ‘vibrant’ media in the country fell for this crap of a news item, then it leaves so much to be desired. As the gatekeepers of our democracy, a section of the media gullibly swallowed this falsity hook, line and sinker. Clearly, the media has let us down in this instance.

Ghana has become an object of derision because its daughter has supposedly been selected as the International Electoral Commissioner for Afghanistan, a portfolio that exists in their warped minds.

How a mere election monitor transmogrified into an International Electoral Commissioner is something that the mind cannot assimilate.


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