One of Ghana’s craziest Rappers, McRoni Holds Never Left EP Listening at Tema Newtown

This is history, the energy here is crazy. I’ve never seen anything like this – this is another level of inspiration. He’s at G.O.A.T status, another level. Legendary.”

It is clear Engineers, Keena Gh and SwaggBoi Breezy are still in awe of what they witnessed last Saturday at the RoofTop Pub during the ‘Never Left EP Listening by McRoni and the McRoni Music Clan (MMC).

McRoni is the artist who performed – it’s his first headline show after a while of being mute to prepare the grounds for his musical career.

It’s been described as the biggest music event in Tema Newtown.

RoofTop Pub(Tema NewTown Manhean Last Stop) which hosted the concert, is listed as having an important personalities like Miss Grace Nartey (Tema East Deputy Women Organizer NDC), Hon Moshake (Executive Member of NDC Tema East and A Leader of GPHA Workers)

For the first night of McRoni’s Never Left EP Listening, we had artists like Addi Pundit, Skon, Pijuu Lighter, Deinty Bwoy, Natta Blakka, SwaggBoi and Dade Flava, who also performed their heart out. Engineers Keena Gh and SwaggBoi Breezy also graced the occation as well as God Dey Bless Media Consult and Otapat Media who also joined hands to give a full video and photo coverage.

“I haven’t seen anything like that and I have been to a few concerts. To come out and do this, that’s crazy,” one of the attendees said this after the program

It was all fun and memorable.

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