EDITORIAL: Ghana’s sanitation problem and the citizen’s contribution

Much as I concede, that successive governments have done little relative to curbing perennial flooding in our cities, I believe, that the attitude of the “typical Ghanaian” is the major contributory factor that cannot be swept under the carpet.

A woman dumping refuse into a main drainage

Dumping of rubbish into major drainages, indiscriminate littering on the streets, at lorry parks, markets etc by both hawkers and pedestrians, building on waterways without recourse to law just to name a few are the very reasons that have culminated in the challenge we face after the slightest downpour.

Some have said, government should ban plastics, others have also said, soldiers should be deployed onto the streets to sanitize the system because we’re undisciplined as a people.

Question : what’s your take?

Obrempong-Nana Kwaku Ampomah
(A worried citizen)


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