EDITORIAL: Ghana cannot imitate Kagame’s Rwanda in a lot of ways – P.K Sarpong

Paul Kagame’s Rwanda, oftentimes, becomes the nectar from which Ghana should feed in its quest to enforce its existing laws, according to a section of Ghanaians.

Many people instance Rwanda as an epitome of a working society, and thus, ask Ghana to embrace its leadership style as that is the only way to guarantee the success stories which have eluded us for years.

Imitating Rwanda in itself isn’t a bad idea but it is an impossible dream. It is idealistic, to put it mildly, since our system of governance is worlds apart from what pertains to the governance system in Rwanda.

For what it’s worth, Paul Kagame has been lucky to have been president of Rwanda since the year 2000. He has been in power for almost twenty years.

This affords him the leeway to implement any policy he believes could advance the growth and development of Rwanda.

Plastic products have been outlawed by Kagame and the plaudits therein cannot be underestimated since it has the potential to rid the country of the damages caused by them.

The number of churches in Rwanda were found to be outrageous, and this led to Paul Kagame taking steps to trim them down, and this, as expected, has been met with an acclamation from the rest of the continent.

With an electoral system that allows individual presidents to run for office for two terms with no promise of the party retaining party if implemented policies do not meet the approval of the electorate, it would be highly impossible to adopt Kagame’s style.

The fear of losing elections is non-existent for Paul Kagame in Rwanda. This is where he derives his power from. In Ghana, the political landscape hardly allows such methodologies to be adopted. Political opponents could capitalize on the downsides of such policies and kick the governing party out of office.

It may sound heavenly and serene to exemplify the good policies of Kagame, the reality is that our political system and the extreme partisan nature of our political environment militate against Kagame-like policies.

Plastics can be banned, but success can crease our brows if the people are prepared to paradigmatically change their ways.

Putting a cap on the number of churches in Ghana may bring a bit of relief to a section of the populace, the ramifications could be so enormous that the government cannot withstand.

Kagame and his Rwanda are good examples, their policies, however, can hardly be replicated in our political system.

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