Mamobi: Nigerian arrested, almost lynched for attempting to kidnap 4-yr-old boy

A Nigerian man has been arrested and being held in the custody of the police for attempting to kidnap a four-year-old boy (name withheld) at Mamobi in Accra.

A Nigerian man has been arrested and being held in the custody of the police for attempting to kidnap a four-year-old boy (name withheld) at Mamobi in Accra.

The suspect – according to an eyewitness, Mr David Nyantakyi, whose vigilance led to the foiled kidnap attempt on Sunday, 16 June 2019 – tried luring the little boy with his mobile phone around the Mamobi Polyclinic market square.

Mr Nyantakyi told’s Ahmed Kollene in an interview that his suspicion that the man was up to no good got aroused upon observing the suspect’s frantic efforts to lure the little boy with the mobile phone.

“I was standing by the roadside this morning”, he narrated, “When I saw the suspect trying to use a mobile phone to get the little boy’s attention. So, after observing his efforts for a while, I deduced that the boy couldn’t have been his son, so, I discretely enquired from a woman nearby within the neighbourhood whether she knew the man to be the boy’s father. She said no. I then informed her of my suspicion that the man was trying to kidnap the little boy.

“So, I raised an alarm against the man by yelling at him and calling him a ‘child thief’. In a funny turn of events, the man also started yelling back the same accusation at me, which caused the passersby, who had been confused by the suspect, to mass up around me with sticks and clubs ready to draw blood had I not frantically convinced them that the suspect’s accusation against me was rather a distraction.

“After convincing them, the mob and I started to give the suspect a chase. He darted into somebody’s room. We accosted him and pulled him out only to notice that he had changed into a different shirt, thus, denied ever being the kidnapper.

“I, however, insisted he was the one due to his unmistakable haircut and the same shorts he was still wearing. Realising that it was game over for him, he started confessing to the crime and revealed that he had three other accomplices who were waiting for him in a black car nearby to make their getaway had the kidnapping attempt been successful”, the eyewitness, who said the suspect is a Nigerian, related.

The mob pummelled the suspect after his arrest before handing him over to the Kotobabi Police Station, which has handed over the case to the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service.

Mr Nyantakyi said due to the focus of the mob on executing instant justice on the suspect, they delayed in giving chase to the three other Nigerian accomplices. The three, thus, sped off in their black car.

The little boy has been reunited with his family while the suspect is receiving treatment at the Police Hospital.

Apart from this latest incident, Nigerians have been involved in four major kidnapping cases in the country since August last year. The cases include the kidnapping of three girls in Takoradi, who have still not been found; the kidnapping of an Estonian diplomat, who was later rescued by the police; the kidnapping of two Canadian women, who were recently rescued by security operatives in Kumasi; and the kidnapping and subsequent killing of a two-year-old boy at Kasoa in the Central Region.



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