The Network for Assin Development express disappointment in President Akufo-Addo for neglecting the people of Assin Fosu

The Network for Assin Development wish to express their disappointment in President Akufo-Addo for neglecting the people of Assin Fosu. Recently, the president paid a visit to Assin land but failed to touch down in Assin Fosu which is the center of ASSIN .

The residents of Assin, are totally unhappy with the president about his recent neglect. Our investigation reveals that, President could not touchdown in Assin fosu as a result of the rampant chieftaincy disputes in the Assin land.

We also noted that all this transpired simply because both the Central Regional House of Chiefs and the Assin Fosu Traditional council have failed to put necessary measures in place to address the never ending political chieftaincy disputes in the area.

We the youth have noticed with keen interest that our Traditional leaders are not interested in pushing the development agenda of Assin Fosu but pursuing issues of little relevance.

ASSIN Fosu traditional council must be disbanded and reconstituted to be able to discharge their roles effectively.

The Traditional council must take drastic measures to ensure lasting peace in Assin Fosu.

We are therefore challenging government to respond to allegations of the blatant neglect of Assin Fosu by the President.

Again we call on the regional Security Council, Ghana Police service and all stakeholders to as a matter of urgency ensure peace remains paramount in Assin land.

We urge the youth to desist from any political chieftaincy disputes, and also channel their grievances through the appropriate authorities.

It is very unfortunate that the community has lost out on many developmental projects, thus; depriving residents better life and their share of the national cake.

With the deepest regret , we are sending a word of caution and admonishing to all key players in this disputes to find common grounds and smoke the peace pipe for good fortune of the community at large.
The Network for ASSIN Development intends to embark on a peaceful protest if the conditions remain the same.

Call the executives for more information

Mr Samuel .K . Adobah Chairman 0546990659

Mr . Kwabena Boadi vice chairman 0554052341


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