Suhum MP Fixes New Streetlights

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

The Member of Parliament for Suhum constituency, Hon Frederick Opare-Ansah who doubles as a member of ECOWAS Parliament and Chairman of the parliamentary select committee on communications is fixing new streetlights under his jurisdiction.

The Suhum representative in parliament has secured 500 streetlights out of 1500 streetlights to cover 528 communities which amounted a little over ¢250,000 in the phase one of the project.

project is to reduce and combat crime rate within Suhum constituency, eradicate insecurity in communities and other related issues.

The project is divided into three phases, the first phase commenced last week and it is expected to be done by the close of next week. Phase two and three of this project by the legislator is also projected to follow suit before the end of this year.

The Member of Parliament is really working assiduously, exhibiting utmost commitment and taking pragmatic steps in developing every single community within the constituency and also providing adequate and timely support to better lives of his constituents.

Released by
Augustine Odei
Director of Communications NPP, Suhum

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