Cocobod CEO Educates Cocoa farmers in Suhum municipality

The Municipal Chief Executive for Suhum, Hon. Mrs. Margaret Darko and a delegation from COCOBOD (led by the CEO, Hon. Joseph Boahene Aidoo) met cocoa farmers in a stakeholders discussion and a livelihood training section which took place at Mile 44, Suhum.

This training is geared towards the Akufo-Addo government’s commitment to raising huge tons of cocoa beans in the coming years.

The COCOBOD CEO, Hon. Joseph Boahene Aidoo in an address outlined the various policy interventions in the cocoa sector including mass spraying exercise, pollination, pruning and many other policies which were meant to boost production. He reiterated the government commitment to invest more into cocoa farming and agribusiness for greater yields. He outlined the essence of ban of weedicides in cocoa farming as it affects the soil negatively and indirectly affect cocoa growth. Hon. Aidoo hinted the cocoa farmers on the newly procured dual purpose machines for weeding and pruning which will be available to farmers latest by November this year. He encouraged hand pollination and various cultural practices in cocoa farming to enhance greater output.
He revealed that COCOBOD is purchasing electronic scales to support farmers because after a thorough research by government it indicates that cocoa buyers have adjust their scales to a minimum for about 7kg and will be provided with tricycles to help convey their cocoa from the farm to the point of sales.
Ending his speech, he said free shs has replace cocoa scholarship to farmers but the cash will be invested in building of school blocks in communities where children commute more than 1km to school. Pollinators and spraying gangs weren’t left out, he promises them that their allowances will hit their accounts hopefully by next week, he also assured cocoa farmers of juicy plans the NPP government has for them and charged the youth to get into cocoa farming and agribusiness as it is a lucrative venture.

The MCE for Suhum, Mrs. Margaret Darko Darkwa expressed her profound gratitude to the COCOBOD CEO for making time to interact with Cocoa farmers in her jurisdiction. Hon. Margaret Darkwa further appealed to the COCOBOD CEO that most of the roads in Suhum municipality are cocoa roads which the previous government painted in their green book as being constructed which in reality wasn’t the case. She appealed to the CEO to take immediate measures to assist the Municipal Assembly with the reconstruction of Adarkwa Station through Adarkwa- Abisim – Nankese road, Tetteh Nkwanta through Abenabo No.1 and No.2 to Amanase road, Ahodwo through Aponoapono to Ateibu road, Amenhia through Kwahia – Jato to Akorabo road, Amanase linking Simatare (My Name)- Santramor No.1- Akorabo-Supresu- Obuotumpang through Nyamekrom to Koforidua road, Krobom to Asaase road, Nankese through Adidiso to Supresu road, Asarekrom through Numerse to Dagbe through Apau Wawase linking Asuboi road, Asarekrom through Afrensu Dedewa to – Gorvinakrom – Amponsahene to Teacher Mante road to free cocoa farmers from their hardships during transportation of produces.

Chairman of the occasion, Nana Odei Amoako Nifahene of Suhum was overwhelmed in delivering his speech urging farmers to take key notes of the training without politicizing it, he spoke against farmers who took fertilizers on credit bases but they refused to pay in due time, others had also cultivated the habit of crediting fertilizers from a cocoa point and when the time was due for payment they diverted the sales of their beans to other PCs. He advised farmers who took delivery of cocoa-nursery seedlings but didn’t utilize them to desist from such behaviors. He has reechoed the fact that, Suhum is one of the towns noted for large cocoa production and as a result K.A. Busia set up cocoa project in Suhum. Nana used the opportunity to plead with the CEO to consider Suhum in all decision making by the board.

The farmers expressed their gratitude to both the COCOBOD CEO and the MCE for the visit and the insights shared with them. They pleaded for scholarship opportunities for their wards.

Augustine Odei
Director of Communications NPP, Suhum.


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