RE: MCE Chases Chairman’s WIFE Over School Feeding

Suhum NPP and MCE would like to react to the current media reportage making the airs.
The publication which has been sighted on social media platform alleging that Suhum MCE chases Chairman’s wife over school feeding.

We see the publication as an attempt by some unscrupulous people to soil the able MCE with their evil agenda to bring the name of the MCE into disrepute and disunite the party in Suhum by infusing antipathy between the MCE and the executives.

We want to state in clear terms that the allegations are misleading, malicious, capricious, false, mischievous and prejudiced.

We will not have bothered to react if the allegations were true but because this unscrupulous people sought to mislead the public by denting the reputation of the earnest MCE.

Hon Mrs Margaret Darko Darkwa received information that, a teacher( Madam Comfort Opata) at Obomofodensua M/A primary doubled as a caterer for the school feeding program in the same school. The said Madam Comfort Opata uses her instructional hours for cooking and this violates the ethics of the teaching profession. Upon a formal complaint from the community to the office of the MCE, the municipal director of education was informed to ask the teacher to desist from such unprofessional conducts and stick to the classroom.

The Municipal Director of Education sent a letter to Madam Comfort Opata to resign cooking in the school but she didn’t heed to the advice from the education directorate as the said teacher went ahead with the same business- using instructional hours to prepare food to the disadvantage of the students.

On Thursday,12 September 2019, MCE went to the school without Armed Men as the reporter is peddling in his reportage. On the arrival of the MCE, she met the staff of the school and told them that Mad Comfort Opata is being caught in a conflict of interest therefore she should as soon as possible write a resignation letter so that a new caterer can take over. MCE was slashed with insult from Mad Comfort Opata and her children. The NPP communication officer for Suhum in the person of Augustine Odei calmed the MCE down and was led to the Odikro of Obomofodensua to report the happening that has transpired.

Our main focus is to deliver our promises in which we are on, which will make us maintain the seat of Suhum with our able MP, Hon Frederick Opare-Ansah and the Presidential seat with the ever affable Nana Akuffo Addo, putting in place good policies and creating work avenues to the teeming youth, with this aim we vehemently protest that all the allegations are false and palpable and we urge the general public to disregard such gross incompetence and disgruntled people.

We believe that, but for diabolic reasons, these disgruntled people should rather be supporting instead of vilifying and denigrating the prominent people of Suhum.

Long Live Suhum!!!
Long Live NPP!!!
Long Live MP!!!
Long Live MCE!!!

Augustine Odei
Director of Communications NPP, Suhum


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