Former organiser cautions adikanfo 2004 against leadership illegality


On or about 6th day of January in the year 2014 at Golden Pod at Akwapim Akropong, Adikanfo 2004 (herein after referred to as the GROUP) held its annual general meeting. At the said meeting, the following persons were nominated as executives (INTERIM) to inter alia execute the following mandate: Lead the group for Two (2) calendar years in an interim status.

Communicate a clear roadmap for a valid general election to elect substantive executives. This was to take place within the Two (2) year mandate. Alex Apau Chairman, Jonathan Appiah Asst. Secretary, Winifred Appiah Secretary, Clark Hayford P.R.O, Daniel Obeng Organiser, Samuel Ayim Treasurer, Gariba Samuel financial Secretary

Per the above communicated period of holding office (Supra), the mandate of the interim officers ended on 5th day of January in the year 2016 and all mandates was to seize forthwith.
However, as of today 27th day of the year 2019, the interim executives are still in office, this makes all their activities and decisions concerning the group null and void ab initio and a complete illegality from 6th January 2016.

In the event that the interim executives and the group has their eyes lost on the mandate and tenure given at the said meeting, may this be deemed a reminder that the group currently has no leadership.
This notice is to again bring all and sundry to speed that the communique issued for a general meeting scheduled for 7th January 2019 is illegal and lack the spirit incorporated in the tenets of the group since the group currently has NO executives, being it interim or substantive.

Article 8(1)(i) of the groups constitution clearly states; The Chairman shall convene all meetings and the executive committee. The group presently has no person occupying the said position of Chairmanship to convene a general meeting so is all other positions stipulated in Article 8 (Management) of the group’s Constitution.

As such, all preparations and communications directed towards the said meeting and all related activities should seize forthwith until all such illegalities are addressed and regularised.

May it be known to all herein notified that any steps, acts, deliberations, discussions, organizations and all related dealings to convey the illegally proposed meeting and any other activity will amount to abetment of an illegal act and will trigger a Court action.

Urgent steps should be taken to conduct a general elections supervised by an electoral committee constituted by members of the group before any deliberation on the welfare is effected
Be guided accordingly.

Daniel Obeng Acquah


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