LEAKED Documents: Applicant Exposes GETfund in ‎€12,000 Scholarship Fraud in March 2016

New revelations surrounding the GETFund scholarship suggests that, a chunk of the persons listed as beneficiaries of the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) did not actually receive financial donations.

One of the individuals whose name was captured on the tall list of beneficiaries contained in the audit report is Ms Anifa Musah.

According to Ms Anifa Musah who lives in the Tamale, she applied for scholarship from GETFund but was did not receive the needed assistance yet her name was stipulated one of the persons who received the money.

She narrated; “I had admission to study MSc in Urban Management and Development at Erasmus University, Rotterdam late 2015. I however applied to the GETFUND for a sponsorship in 2016 since the admission was fee paying.

On 14th of March, I submitted my application required documents to the secretariat and received a confirmation letter on 16th March, 2016.

A copy of the sponsorship letter was sent to the school to confirm the payment from the government. Given them the assurance that I will attend class when academic from October 3rd until September 22nd, 2017.

Some few weeks later, I received another letter from the Institute, indicated that payments of fees would not be accepted after 15th July, 2016 since the competition was keen. I immediately wrote to them reminding them about the payments but still to the deaf ears. I waited patiently but still to no avail…

And I finally gave up on them to focus on other things. Meanwhile, the very period that I applied for the sponsorship the money was already in their accounts. It surprised me to see my name being mentioned in the report of Auditor General”

A worried student added ‘I am not afraid of anything because my conscience is clear and it is my hope that those responsible would be brought to book”

See the documents below:


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