Congratulations; Mr Eric Amoako Twum

On behalf of the Communication Bureau of “The Eric Factor”, We write to congratulate Mr Eric Amoako Twum on his successful passing of the vetting for aspiring for NPP parliamentary candidate for Fanteakwa South Constituency.

Mr Eric Amoako Twum decision to vie for the position as the NPP parliamentary candidate for Fanteakwa South was a great and bold step, and therefore the entire team, with courageous support, we back his ambition.

The communication Bureau is proud to have such aspirant who is vying for such a position to lead his party and the constituency at large.

The confidence and morale of the delegates at the venue showed clearly how he has been accepted by the delegates and party folks.

We believe the success of his vetting has become a signal of victory ahead of the primary election on April 25, 2020.

It is our hope that all our Gallant delegates of this great party in the Fanteakwa South constituency consider the fortunes of the youth, old age and the party as a whole and vote for you to lead us to the upcoming December 7 poll without the course of apathetic, lax, languid.

We wish you well in your ambition and we look forward to a better result with you as our parliamentary candidate for Fanteakwa South constituency.

Long live Ghana, Long live NPP.


The Communication Bureau

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