IYF to collaborate with GTF to develop Taekwondo

Country Director of the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) Rev. Young Jun Moon has called on the Ghana Taekwondo Federation (GTF) to Collaborate and develop Taekwondo in Ghana.

At a meeting on Thursday, March 12 with the GTF, the IYF presented 6 Taekwondo Practitioners who are in Ghana on a Mission (Taekwondo being one) to the GTF and discussed ways both entities can work together to develop the combat sport.

Rev. Young, at the meeting emphasised, that practicing Taekwondo is essential while stressing on Mind Education.

“We want to collaborate with you for the Mission our Volunteers have come for. Taekwondo is a good sport because it educates the mind. There is the need to spread Taekwondo here in Ghana as it works more on the mind and helps it to develop. If the mind Education is achieved, it will help Ghanaians develop.”

It’s evident that practicing Taekwondo has a lot of benefits; from Correcting Attention disorder, to Improving Motor skills, Controlling Hyperactivity, instilling Discipline and Sharpening reflexes among others.

This collaboration will strengthen the relationship between GTF and IYF after both parties signed an MOU last year March to support each other in Logistics and Training.

The IYF has targeted training from the Pre School through to the Universities with further plans of visiting the Prisons in Ghana to train inmates as the Volunteers will be in Ghana for the next 11 months.

President of the Ghana Taekwondo Federation, Frederick Lartey Otu was elated about the collaboration.

“This is a very good news to us and we’re very happy about calling on us to collaborate and develop because that’s the right thing. We’ve not been able to broaden the base because we lack resources to do so. Should this continue every year, it will help spread Taekwondo in Ghana well.”

“Last month, 4 Volunteers from the World Taekwondo Peace Corps left Ghana after spending one month in a #S2STkdCamp20 which helped us take Taekwondo to the doorsteps of many” He added.

The 6 Practitioners who expressed interest in visiting the National Team include Park Hye Kang, Shin Young Gyun, Kang Ju Hye, Jeong Min Hee, Sim Hye Rim and Kim Gyu Han all from Good News Corps.

Secretary General of the GTF, Adnan Odartey Lamptey noted how relevant it is for IYF to take such step as it will eradicated the misconception most Christians have, that Taekwondo is for Budist or pagans.

Also present at the meeting were Rev. Ato Edwin, General Secretary of IYF Ghana and Davis Nii Attuquaye Clottey, Public Relations Officer of GTF.

The Ghana Taekwondo Federation will submit a program to the International Youth Fellowship to be rolled out.

The GTF is calling on other entities for such collaboration to further develop the sport in Ghana.

By: #GTFCommunications


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