Editorial: Precedent of miscarriage of justice; the case of NIA

In 2016, the then Attorney General withdrew an application that was going to have woyome orally examined in order to disclose his hidden properties., The said exercise was so so crucial that, if the then AG had not withdrew that application, we would have gotten our monies” back long ago”.

When Hon. Martin Amidu in his affidavit accused John Mahama of directing the AG to withdraw the said application because woyome had threatened to name those powerful people in government who facilitated the loot, we were told that, John Mahama never instructed the then AG to do that.. Dr Dominic Ayine stated that in his affidavit in opposition

Even Hon.Martin Amidu after the AG abandoned the case which was going to get our monies for us went to court, Dr Dominic Ayine, Deputy AG went to oppose Martin Amidu’s application on grounds that, Martin Amidu had no locus in court.

I guess the current Attorney General could have withdrawn or refuse to put in a defense.

The very people who decided to insulate John Mahama from the actions of the then AG in the woyome case are now seeking to link this current government to the actions of the Attorney General in the NIA case.


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