Covif19: Release to PURC to seek reductions in utility tariffs in this difficult times

The Loyalists of NPP (LON), is appealing to the PURC to negotiate with the Ghana Water company and the Electricity Company of Ghana to consider reducing Water and Electricity tariffs.

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned out to be an albatross on the necks of all nations of the world. The death count has surpassed 25,000 while infections is around 600,000 worldwide. Ghana, our beloved country, has not been spared! Even the most powerful Nations are finding it very difficult to contain this virus and it is crumbling their economies.

The only potent solution at stopping the spread of this covid-19 is to prevent personal contacts with infected people places, or items.

As a result, the president, H.E. Nana Akufo Addo, last night declared a partial lockdown of the nation by restricting movements in the currently affected areas. These are Greater Accra Metro Area, Greater Kumasi Metro Area and the contagious districts in the country.

Even before this critical decision was taken, people had already embarked on self-imposed lockdown for their personal protection. The obvious effect is that electricity and water consumption will go up. Water especially, because now there is going to be constant washing of hands, at the least instance, since that has been advised by all professionals as one of the best means of prevention.

However, the majority of the Ghanaian working masses are not in formal employment, therefore, their incomes are not guaranteed. The majority are the self-employed, small business owners, artisans, hawkers, etc. who basically feed on the incomes that they earn daily.

Already the fear and panic going around has cause their businesses to go down drastically, reducing whatever meagre incomes that they earn. Going to stay at home for this period of the lockdown will worsen their plight. Money for food, hand sanitisers, sanitary tissues, etc. will really cause headaches for them.

As a result, We, the LOYALISTS OF NPP (LON), wish to call on the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) to consider meeting the two most essential utility providers, that is, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and the Ghana Water Company (GWC) to consider either reducing the tariffs during this difficult situation or better still, not bill the consumers at all.

Some service providers in the communication and financial industries have begun removing charges on the services that they provide to help alleviate the repercussions of the Covid-19 on Ghanaians. And that is a great sign of social commitment.
Water and light, provided by the Ghana Water Company and Electricity Company of Ghana, respectively, are very essential if the people will stay at home to effectively achieve the desired results.
We call on the PURC, to as a matter of urgency and importance, initiate the process of dialoguing with Ghana Water Company and Electricity Company of Ghana to contribute their quota to the efforts by government at halting the spread of this CoronaVirus. The two utility providers can either reduce the tariffs or better still, offer a write-off during this period.

We of LON know that these efforts will go a long way in ensuring that people will stay at home to help stop the spread of the CoronaVirus.
We will also like to advice everyone to practice self-hygiene and follow all the guidelines from the experts and the government.
People should also stop listening to non-verified information and should not spread any fake news that may only create further fear and panic.
The Loyalist of NPP (LON), entreats all Ghanaians to stay strong, remain positive, united and keep the faith and we will definitely overcome this threat together!

Thank you


Loyalists Leadership

Loyalist Micheal Romeo Eshun 0244060135

Loyalist Andy Sarpey 0591059254

Loyalist Oscar Amoah 0269535409


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