“You live near the sea and complaining of water problem” – Sam George tells frustrated Prampram residents, as water crisis worsens.

Member of Parliament for Ningo/Prampram Constituency Sam Nartey George, popularly known as Dzata, is allegedly to have told a party executive to resort to “sea water,” as a month long water crisis worsens.

Residents in both Ningo and Prampram as well as environs have been left without water for nearly a month, a situation which has forced private water distribution companies to hike supplies beyond the rich of the ordinary person.

According to sources within the party, a constituency executive, name withheld, phoned the MP for him to intervene but the answer left the person with a red face. “You brought me here to make laws and not to supply water,” he MP is said to yelled into the phone; “how can you live near to the sea and complain about water problem. Just go and bath and find a sachet of water to cleanse yourself.”

Mr. George, who is the first time MP after defeating the then long serving MP E.T. Mensah, was trusted to be the man to have a listening ears to the concerns of the people.

He recently donated some items including sanitizers to the Polyclinic, to help them deal with the Corona Virus pandemic. But his alleged outburst said to have shocked some of his party members, especially his core base who have always stood by him.

“I don’t blame him because we thought ET was evil,” a lifelong NDC supporter who had waited for hours in one of the many queues for water, said.

The remark is said to have left the executive horrified, sources in the party have said. Long queues have been formed by angry residents hoping to get water but to no avail.

There are reports some of them rely on a river which is used at a construction sites for their chores.

What is more worrying about the situation is the call by health experts for people to wash their hands as one of the measures of not contracting COVID19

“So they expect us to use our saliva to wash our hands or what,” a man obviouysly frustrated said in dangbe. “These people don’t respect us-where is even the DCE-we two young men from Ningo and they are treating us like we are animals. But do we blame them”?

The water company has offered no explanation of the water closure but there are allegations the water is diverted to a bottle water making company.

The allegation is contrary to claims by officials at the water company that a maintenance works at one of their installations in Kpong, is resulted in the delay.

Meanwhile, there are reports of anger in the town and some youth are said to have threatened to invade and burn properties of the water company. There are reports the police have been placed on a higher alert to stop such a thing from happening.

“I won’t support arson but I will support any legitimate means to ensure that we get water-we shall invade the offices of the water company on Monday. That I can promise you. We shall do it because we are not animals,” one of the angry residents told us.


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