Editorial: Alleged soldier brutalities of civilians in the lockdown; the case of Paul Kagame’s Leadership to Ghana

Really interesting to see how folks are aghast at the alleged soldier brutalities of civilians in the lockdown. So next time when you sit on social media and compare Paul Kagame’s style of leadership to Ghana, just remember what some Rwandese are going through under his regime. Until the stench gets closer to your doorstep, from afar, you may think it’s a perfume.

That said, #StayAtHome and don’t give yourself to any irritant to set an example of you. Stay Home and avoid adding up to an already challenged healthcare system with fewer medical practitioners, some of whom we are told came into contact with affected persons of the virus and are in quarantined.

Don’t be selfish by going out when you have no business doing so; think about the doctor, the nurse, the already stressed supporting staff of these caregivers and stay home. Remember they have families too and deserve to see them, but that is not happening cos they have to be on their feet and make sure lives are saved for families. Why can’t you stay home a


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