Editorial: The Soldier, the law, the duty of the soldier and the law; the case of “lockdown” (Stay at Home)

“Soldiers are not trained in law; they do not read people their rights. If you actually act in a way that the law enforcement agents fail to handle you and it is decided that the Army should be called in, don’t expect them to read you your rights or handcuff you. No. They don’t move around with handcuffs. They are trained to subdue enemies of the State and to kill such enemies and bring peace to a state within the shortest possible time. My warning to all those who would be demonstrators, France will not standby while infrastructure is destroyed. We shall employ the Army to bring order and if you die, it means you were at a wrong place at the wrong time where the Army did not want anyone to be. Stay at home or place of work and stay alive.”

–President Emmanuel Macron

Source: France News

Let my countrymen and women understand the circumstances in which we find ourselves, and adhere to the Stay at Home and/or Lockdown principle, so we can all contribute our quota to the fight against the deadly Covid19


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