Mark Ofori blasts Fanteakwa NDC chairman over propaganda comment against MP

Re: Fighting COVID-19, Fanteakwa South MP should be fair to the People.

The NDC is taken advantage of the deadly global pandemic, COVID-19 that has almost stop every activities in the world. Fanteakwa South NDC is not exceptional.

The attention of Fanteakwa South NPP has been drawn to a mischievous press release which is been circulated in attempt to run down the steps of our Hon Member of Parliament, Mr Kofi Okyere Agyekum to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. The President has already taken proper measures to curb this global pandemic where Mr Kofi Okyere has also followed suit.

We wish state it categorically that Mark Okraku and his entire NDC members are opportunist and they usually take advantage of disadvantages and they have never contributed any meaningful option to the development of Fanteawa South.

We the Fanteakwa South NPP are telling the entire Fanteakwa South constituents to avoid the meaningless propaganda by The NDC chairman, Mark Okraku and his cronies.

In addition we have several questions to ask the NDC chairman Mark Okraku and his cronies and we need immediate answer to that;

Firstly, we want to ask the contributions the NDC has made in the Fanteakwa South constituency in fighting against the deadly global pandemic COVID-19?

If the Fanteakwa South NDC has contributed to the fight, We the Fanteakwa South NPP wants data and details of their contribution.

Mark Ofori


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