Suhum MP launches COVID 19 support project

The representative of Suhum in Parliament, Hon Frederick Opare-Ansah launched COVID-19 support project to help combat the the novel disease under his county.

At the event which was held at the Suhum Lorry station, the Member of Parliament donated items worth Two hundred thousand Ghana cedis to his constituents to aid the pandemic fight. He donated 20 Poly tanks, 150 Veronica buckets, 100 gallons of liquid soaps, 100 Hand sanitizers, 100 knapsack sprayers, 5 motorise sprayers, 10 boxes of PPE’s, 20 boxes of tissue papers, Kia truck, Tricycle and a van.

Further, he commissioned 80 trained volunteers to facilitate the COVID-19 project with education and sensitization across the constituency.

Hon Frederick Opare-Ansah used this opportunity to reecho the president’s directive by washing our hands thoroughly with soap under running water, avoid hand shaking, we must observe social distancing,we should use tissue paper when coughing or sneezing, etc.

One may asked what will be use of the spraying machine?. The spraying machine will be used to disinfect market places and stores every weekends, some will be use to also disinfect every car in the various station before and after loading, all cars entering our various stations will be disinfected. Opare-Ansah advised us on the of hand sanitizer which he demonstrated to the gathering to show that it’s a good conductor of fire, we shouldn’t go near fire when we are applying it.

Retiring on his speech, he said that we must all adhere to precautionary measures and stop politicizing the pandemic because the novel disease doesn’t respect any political colours, we are all at risk. He further added that we should stop profiteering-the over pricing of commodities on our markets and rather support one another in this hard times.

The health director of the municipality mounted the podium and gave education on public health about the disease and took his time to demonstrate to the gathering how to wash our hands and apply the hand sanitizers. He said we must follow the measures being given to combat this disease.

The security agencies weren’t left out, Suhum Commander Joseph Owusu on the other hand gave a gist briefing on how prepared they are during this abnormal time to seek the safety of Suhum, he said all entry points to Suhum they have created a barrier to check commuters. He pleaded with the people of Suhum to hint them when the need arises especially when they see any suspected person in their arrears.

Chairman of the occasion, Osabarima Ayeh Kofi I, thanked the president of the Land for a swift measures to combat the COVID 19. He said last weekend through the local government and the president representative in Suhum Hon Mrs Margaret Darko Darkwa all markets, stores, lorry stations were disinfected.He extended his thank to all Suhum citizenry for adhering to all the preventive measures being laid out. He also expressed appreciation and commended the MP, Hon Frederick Opare-Ansah for such a project and call upon all citizens in and out of Suhum to emulate the legislator to help build and combat this disease in Suhum and Ghana as well.

Issued by
Augustine Odei
Director of Communications NPP, Suhum


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