Editorial: Construction Profile/Trajectory of the Bank Hospital (TBH)

(1): PHILOSOPHY: The Bank of Ghana(BoG) operates the Bank Clinic to offer health care services for its staff and their dependants. The Clinic is a low level facility lacking in several services such as in-patient care, imaging and similar modern facilities. To improve the quality of health service and deal with the increasing staff population, BoG decided to construct a state-of-the-art Hospital that will be more spacious, paper light and well equipped to provide the quality health needs of staff and their dependants as well as non-bank clientele.

(2): PROCUREMENT/AWARD OF CONTRACT:In September, 2013, BoG awarded a turnkey contract for the development of The Bank Hospital(TBH) in two(2) phases to be functionally integrated.

(3): CONSTRUCTION: The construction of the main hospital building(phase one) housing the OPS, Wards, theatres, Eye and Dental clinics and other clinical services, commenced in March 2014 and was commissioned and partially handed over to the BoG on April 30, 2018 pending the completion of the hospital Annex(phase two). In April 2018, construction of the hospital Annex(phase two) housing the Renal and Medical Imaging Department commenced. Testing and Commissioning of the hospital Annex was completed and handed over to BoG in November 2019.

(4): HOSPITAL TRANSITION ACTIVITIES AND OPERATIONALIZATION(Proposed Initial Business Model): The initial Business Model and Concept was to operate the hospital as a subsidiary of BoG through the establishment of a wholly-owned Special Purpose Vehicle(SPV) with the Bank assuming full operational and financial responsibilities.

(5): REVISED BUSINESS MODEL: The new Authority/ Board of BoG appointed a Technical Team to review the Initial Business Model as part of the Transition Processes towards operationalization of the Hospital. The Team subsequently advised BoG that the complexities of operating a hospital of that nature was beyond its mandate and scope. Further financial analysis of the project also indicated that BoG could not solely bear potential financial outlay on its balance sheet on an on-going basis. The potential downside risk was determined to be high. BoG therefore, on the advice of the Technical Team, had to settle for either a leasehold or Management Contract Model option to drive the operationalization process to minimize the risk to the facility as well as to BoG.

(6): TENDER FOR SELECTION OF A SUITABLE OPERATOR/PARTNER(Initial Selection Stage): Following the publication in the National Daillies on May 31, 2018 for Firms to express interest in the operationalization of TBH, BoG received 13 Proposals from various Firms and 4 Bidders namely Halcom Management Services, Healthshare, AMH and AIHG were selected for the Final Tender Stage. BoG decided to adopt the Management Model as a preferred option and commenced processes to engage a Legal Firm to assist in Negotiating and Contracting of the Tender process.

(7): FINAL TENDER STAGE: The 4 selected Firms were invited to submit Technical and Final Proposals in response to Terms of Reference for the Final Tender Stage which led to the selection of Halcom Management Services of South Africa as the Primary/Preferred Bidder and Healthshare Solutions as the Secondary/Standby Bidder to be engaged in the Final Negotiating and Contracting proceedings. Our(The New Crusading GUIDE’s) sources at BoG have intimated negotiations are almost complete and an announcement relative to the full operationalization of TBH is imminent.

(8): TBH is an institutional hospital owned and funded by BoG. Like the GPHA’ s International Maritime Hospital(IMaH) and SSNIT’s TrustHospital, these institutional hospitals do not come under the direct control and supervision of either the Ministry of Health(MoH) or Ghana Health Service(GHS).


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