Electricity bills absorption by Gov’t: half of consumers in the country to get free electricity for 3 months

In order to not get the whole thing about the Electricity Bills Absorption wrong, let’s understand what the President said.

1. 100% FREE Electricity for all lifeline consumers (those who use less than 50kwh a month). : The last time I checked 50% of all ECG customers fell in this category

2. 50% reduction for all who use more than 50kwh: Meaning whether you use 100 Cedis a month or 2000 Cedis a month because you have 10 air-conditioners at home, you will pay only half. I am particularly happy for companies that consume a lot of electricity. Imagine an 80,000 Cedis bill being reduced to 40,000 Cedis!!

3. March bill will be used for calculation: in order not to have unconscionable people abusing this gesture by over using electricity, you March Bill will be used as the benchmark.
So if in March your bill was 100 Cedis, all bills in April, May and June will attract 50% discount, so you will pay half, only if you do not exceed the amount you used in March.

To explain further, if in March your bill was 500 Cedis, and in April it is 500 Cedis , you will pay 250 for April. But if in May it is 600 Cedis, you pay half of the 500 Cedis benchmark cost (so you pay 250 Cedis for the first 500 Cedis bill) and pay the additional 100 Cedis in full to bring your total May Bill to 350 Cedis.

As we show gratitude for this gesture let’s use electricity wisely.


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