Editorial: Covid-19 and Procurement method – Ebenezer Aidoo

As a procurement professional and actively practicing,what is Public procurement Authority’s decision on the appropriate method to be used? I recently sited a PPA publication on measures carried out to mitigate procurement processes in relation to best practice.

I also recently sited a publication from UK procurement authority on the method to use, in accordance with Act 663 as amended ,several methods have been outlined and most of the methods are applicable with face to face meeting with appropriate suppliers, contractors and services providers. What measures is PPA adhering to during this difficult time?

As the President stated we are not in normal time. In my view, many activities ongoing requires procurement process, is PPA aware and what are they doing?

Are the board meeting in granting approvals to this method of Single source? If the the board are meeting then what about the President’s directive on social distancing, cancellation of conferences and other social activities?

I’m asking in accordance with section 40 and 41 of Act 663 as amended. Are we to practice single sources as a method which is applicable?

Then who grants the approvals in relation to the President’s directive as stated in the Executive instrument EI.


Ebenezer K. Aidoo


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